Welcome to Balamantra Friendship Day!

This is a monthly world-wide personal challenge and Balamantra chant-drumming party, held on or near the full moon. We invite you to join us in chant-drumming circles to inspire personal, spiritual growth and a spirit of helping others with a day of doing good deeds, completed by a chant-drumming party using the spiritual, purifying chants that are found on this website.

We can help make the world a happier planet one person at a time–beginning with ourselves. Oftentimes we see a situation that could be improved, but we don’t step in to help. Balamantra Friendship Day will be the day we resolve to break that pattern and help where it is needed. Being more aware of the suffering of others and doing something to alleviate it increases compassion and gives the giver the gift of happiness.

When: full moon day and night every month (or as close to it as you can)

What to do:

1. Send a link to the Balamantra website and Facebook Events pages to your contacts and invite them to hold their own Balamantra Friendship Days in their areas or join you in your helping activity and chant-drumming party.

2. Look around to see what act of kindness you can do to celebrate Balamantra Friendship Day.

3. Invite the people you helped during the day to join you and your other friends to your Friendship chant-drumming party, where everyone will wear some article of blue clothing to show unity. If you can, serve snacks or tea…or maybe have a potluck dinner.

4. If there is something within yourself that you would like to improve this is a good day to work on it.

5. Send us a photo of your friendship drumming group or a few words about what you and your friends did to help someone today for us to post and help inspire others.

6. Together with the people you helped today, make plans for next month’s Friendship Day activities. As you help more people, encourage each of them to participate in the next month’s Friendship Day. In this way, the Balamantra Chant-Drum for Peace wave will grow and flood throughout the world.

Ideas for Friendship Day acts of kindness

  • Help someone you know overcome a personal problem, or give him encouragement in some issue he is facing.
  • Give free food where it is needed.
  • Donate supplies to a low-income after-school kids’ program.
  • Find a home for an orphan dog or cat—animals are people, too.
  • Help a friend put in a veggie garden or meditation space.
  • What else do you see as a need in the community, and what can you do to improve it?